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WMBD - Road Trippin' - Great overview of the Festival from picnicking to the theatre... See more

Smile Politely - Shakespeare amidst fireflies - There is something magical about experiencing a sunset without realizing it. To be so focused on what you're watching — be it a sporting event, a musical act, or a fishing line — that the world moves on around you and you find yourself suddenly transported from day to night. Like I said: magic.... See more

Smile Politely - Interview with Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Kevin Rich by Michael Green - MG: First, I'll need a little background on you. How long have you been artistic director, and what is your personal history with the stage? KR: I became ISF's artistic director in 2013.... See more

Pantagraph - Boys will be girls in fest's true-to-period 'Much Ado' by Marcia Weiss- The 37th Illinois Shakespeare Festival opens this week with an all-male production of "Much Ado About Nothing." Just this year, "Twelfth Night" garnered seven Tony nominations for the Globe's production, also with an all-male cast.... See more

Pantagraph - Much ado about something in spellbinding 'Elizabeth' by Tricia Stiller - I'll begin this review with a confession: I had to make an educated guess at the running time of the opening night performance of "Elizabeth Rex," for I was so completely captivated, so thoroughly engaged by every nuance of this production, that to me, time ceased to matter. ... See more

Pantagraph - History's first power couple exerts a firm grip in 'Antony and Cleopatra' by Nancy Steele Brokaw - "Antony and Cleopatra" sweeps into the 37th Illinois Shakespeare Festival under the sure hand of director Kevin Rich, also artistic director of the festival.... See more

Pantagraph - Three-way affair: This year's Shakespeare Fest trio enjoys a fling by Dan Craft - Recipe for what just might be the most intriguing and provocative season in the 37-year history of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival: Take three separate-but-equal plays – two by W.S., one by another (who, incidentally, is not afraid to cast Shakespeare himself as a supporting character).... See more

WGLT Shakespeare Directors Share More Than The Stage by Laura Kennedy - The Illinois Shakespeare Festival kicks off its 37th season with three plays running in rotation, all of which are connected to each other in a variety of ways, including matrimonially.... See more

WGLT - Shakespeare Fashion At ISF Means Corsets For Male Actors by Laura Kennedy - The Illinois Shakespeare Festival is currently running the comedy "Much Ado About Nothing"...and staging it just the way the Bard would have done it. - See more - Milwaukee has a big impact on Illinois Shakespeare Festival - The Illinois Shakespeare Festival could well have a subtitle saying "Also Starring Milwaukee." A theater crowd from Milwaukee plays a major role in the festival, which opened over the weekend at the gorgeous theater on the grounds of the Ewing Cultural Center at Illinois State University in Bloomington.... See more

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - Milwaukee directors, actors take center stage at Illinois Shakespeare Festival by Jim Higgins - OK, it's formally called the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, but a friendly vibe pervades the rehearsal spaces for this festival, based at Illinois State University. Artistic director Kevin Rich is as serious as any theater professional about his productions, but he also happily delivers freeze pops to actors and technicians in the middle of a sweltering rehearsal. Six Milwaukee directors and actors, accompanied by some of their children, have pitched their proverbial tent at this year's Illinois Shakes, which opens July 11.... See more

WGLT - Laura Kennedy Q & A about Much Ado About Nothing

WGLT - Laura Kennedy Q & A about Elizabeth Rex

WGLT - Laura Kennedy Q & A about Antony and Cleopatra

WGLT - Laura Kennedy Q & A with two married directors

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